• 10 Advices
  • Advice 01

    See the opportunities, not the restrictions.

    Advice 02

    Live in the moment.

    Advice 03

    Accept the things you cannot change.

    Advice 04

    Forgiveness. It is important to be able to forgive yourself and others. If you cannot forgive others, you must forgive yourself for this.

    Advice 05


    Advice 06

    You should treat yourself with love and respect.

    Advice 07

    Do not pay attention to society's talk of illness and ageing. Negative messages are of no benefit.

    Advice 08

    Be responsible for your own life.

    Advice 09

    Expect the things you want, and do not expect the things you do not want.

    Advice 10

    Be grateful for what you have now.