Various acupuncture systems:

The Body Laser System

The Body Laser System - (also called BLS - painless laser acupuncture.) - is a revolutionary health system which, in most cases, can help your body heal itself, regardless of the cause. BLS is based on leading acupuncture healing systems and the philosophy behind The Secret Law Of Attraction etc. The main difference between BLS and other health systems is that BLS is able to change the location of the chakras, and remove any energy blockages in the body - only after the first 2 treatments, 10 min.

- This is done by activating chakra, meridians and the brain via nerves, which thereby activates the JUNK-DNA, which represents approximately 70% of the DNA strands. In other words, BLS is able to harmonize one's energy system and restore imbalances in both soul, mind and body in one and the same treatment.

This means that, besides being asymptomatic, you can also change your mental health. Further, BLS contributes in creating your vigor and effectiveness, as well as help you to look at everyday problems in a new light, create greater happiness, improve quality of life, and your ability to rest in yourself.

The Body Laser System is developed by Martin Blynov in 2004. He worked with alternative medicine since 1997. Martin Blynov, INTROVERT (Denmark, born 1975.) is an educated physiologist, sports masseur, acupuncturist etc.

Treatment - (allocation, duration.)

week 1 - 5

week 1) +2+2+2+2+2 treatments, week 2) +1+1 treatment, week 3) +1 treatment, week 4) +1 treatment, week 5) +1 treatment.

In total 15 treatments, duration: 75 min.


week 1

- 2 daily, treatments in five days in a row, duration 50 min.

week 2

- 2 treatments divided over 2 days, duration 10 min.

week 3 - 5

- 1 weekly treatment in 3 weeks, duration 15 min.


HealYourself recommends always following the course of treatment, followed by a treatment every 3 weeks to maintain the positive results. 1 treatment = 5 sec. x 61 treatment points = cirka 5 min.