• Step by Step
  • Step 01

    You need a red laser from 5 mw 650 nm for the treatments.

    Step 02

    The battery of the laser must be replaced when the light fades.

    Step 03

    There are 61 treatment points (red pins). See the Bodymaps, and view the Video Training.

    Step 04

    The treatment points are 10 points at toes- and fingertips, around the knee, the centre of the palm, in the middle of the wrist, in the navel, solar plexus, around the elbow on left and right side of the forhead and the middle of the forehead.

    Step 05

    Treatment is administered by pressing the point of the laser down against the skin and then activate the laser.

    Step 06

    All treatment points are to be treated regardless of disease to be treated with laser light for 5 sec.

    Step 07

    You start by treating the small toe, then you continue to the next toe etc. around the knees, and the little finger then you continue to the next finger etc. the centre of your palms, in the middle of your wrists, around your albues, the navel, solar plexus and the center of your forehead.

    Step 08

    It is very important that you follow the course of treatment, followed by a monthly treatment for maintenance.

    Step 09

    week 1) For dual treatments, you need to wait 5 min. before you begin a new treatment.

    Step 10

    Treatments can be repeated if disease, relapse, etc. reoccur.

    Step 11

    Treatment - (allocation, duration.)

    week 1-5

    week 1) 2+2+2+2+2 treatments, week 2) 1+1 treatment, week 3) +1 treatment, week 4) +1 treatment, week 5) +1 treatment.

    In total 15 treatments, duration: 75 min.


    week 1

    - 2 daily, treatments in five days in a row, duration 50 min.

    week 2

    - 2 treatments divided over 2 days, duration 10 min.

    week 3 - 5

    - 1 weekly treatment in 3 weeks, duration 15 min.

    NB: 1 treatment = 5 sec. x 58 treatment points = 5 min.

    Step 12

    They must refrain from receiving other forms of treatment during treatment period.

    Step 13

    week 1) If, for example, you have a sore arm, it is important that you rest the arm.

    Step 14

    You must describe your experiences with a different reality in which you feel better than before you started up on treatment, and use words like - I was stressed, I had cancer, etc.

    Step 15

    During the course of the treatment, you`re going to say "thank you for my healing" daily, as well as focusing on being happy and avoiding stress.

    Step 16

    Diary during treatment - some patients find it useful to write a diary before and during the treatment of their illness. Maybe this can benefit you, too. You could, for example, describe your pain on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being the mildest and 10 being the strongest pain. You may also write down any problems or successes experienced in your day, such as when doing practical tasks as bathing or shopping, or just moving about. Finally, you can take down your visits to the doctor and any other parties treating you.The notes will provide a picture of the development of the illness, as experienced by you. This can provide an overview, for your own use but also and not least for your communications with your doctor, physiotherapist etc. giving you a common understanding of the development of your illness, as it relates to treatments as well as your daily experience of the illness.